The Newcastle Architecture Awards have wrapped up again for the year, and as the focus moves on to the state awards, and reflecting on the event, it was so exciting that Edge was able to provide architecture photography for a significant number of the submissions.

Edge was privileged to photograph 5 project submissions for 4 different Architects, with SDA, Chrofi, McKendry Hunt, and EJE, all using architectural photography by Edge. Two of the buildings, Maitland River Link by Chrofi Architects, and the Twenty One Flowerdale House by SDA, won a total of 4 awards between them.

Awards that Edge’s Architectural Photography clients took home this year are:

  • Newcastle Jury Prize – Maitland Riverlink by Chrofi Architects
  • Public Architecture Award – Maitland Riverlink by Chrofi Architects
  • Residential Architecture (New House) Commendation – Twenty One Flowerdale by SDA
  • Urban Design Award – Maitland Riverlink by Chrofi Architects

The Maitland River Link
You know, in Australia we all love a good underdog story (‘David’ comes from obscurity and wipes the floor with whoever they come up against), well Chrofi’s Maitland Riverlink is a building that fits this mould. A relatively small project, built in an unlikely place, however making a bold new statement for a precinct that has seen decades of neglect, and designed by a firm that in the last year have been punching well above their weight.

Chrofi can add this years hat full of gongs at the Newcastle Architecture awards, to the bag of awards that the River Link has already taken home in the last 6 months, including significant international awards, The London based Blue Print award for urban design, and the World Architecture Festival Award win in Amsterdam for public and community architecture. It’s safe to say that this building is well on the way to becoming one of the regions most celebrated for its architecture.

It will be exciting to watch its progress as it heads towards the national awards and comes up against other notable urban development projects from the other capital cities around the country.

Flowerdale Avenue
The project is definitely the coolest house I’ve had the chance to photograph for some time. The centre piece of this stunning 4 story home by Space Design Architecture & Made Homes, is this central staircase, that winds its way upwards, seemingly towards the sky. All the while light filters down the stair void from the enormous sky window that floods the upper floors with natural light. After entering the first floor, you can’t help but be enticed up to explore the incredible spaces on the upper levels.

As you climb through the levels you’re rewarded richly with the climax being the 4th floor master bedroom. Without a doubt the best seat in the house is its cantilevered reading nook with its own enormous glass wall looking over the nearby reserve.

With the house’s hyper chilled spaces, edge indulged in bring a more human element, and a sence of scale and space to the architecture photography, to help tell the story of this very unique Newcastle statement home.